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We simplify debt management, savings, investing, retirement, and estate planning to reduce financial stress and give you control. Our platform offers gamified AI tools to help plan your finances, with expert support for complex financial needs. Achieve sustainable and generational wealth on your own terms.

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Why PACEUPinvest®



  • Simplifying complex financial expert knowledge into layman's terms is needed for future care
  • The individual gets lost in how to plan for their future while leading the life they desire at the momment
  • Solid financial management needs expertise from the professional
  • Because financial stress and money problems go beyond the account and have an impact on family life and relationships



  • Money management in a gamified and educative ai-driven approach
  • Create an individual's current and future life profile and set goals
  • Intelligent guidance and tool-based asset allocation and financial advisory on demand
  • Deciphering and simplifying money management process through AI-driven tools and services as well as education on demand


Why Now?

  • As socio-economic and political uncertainty call for new ways beyond well-paid jobs
  • Employment conditions and financial income are not as stable while costs of living are increasing
  • Volatile markets and financial literacy call for an easy adaptable and affordable solution
  • Increasing mental and health issues due to socio-economic landscape let the old system of pension and state-subsidised retirement funds redundant

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Financial planning and coaching with us will propel you where you want to go to start building healthy relationship with your finances. Get the right kind of support and guidance to make it a reality.
Access planning and coaching in a safe environemnet to build confidence and gain control of your financial destiny. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

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What People Think About Us

I must say that Rukayyat from PaceUP Invest has been extremely professional and competent in her dealings with me. She has shown a thorough understanding of my financial needs and advises me accordingly. Her guidance has taught me the crucial importance of patience in the financial market, which I can attest has been highly relevant and beneficial to me.

Benita Baba-agba

I have been investing passively for awhile but there was no strategy nor structure to what I was doing. I just new I had to put money away somehow to fund primary the ever depreciating value of the Nigerian local currency the Naira and have some income down the line. I first came across Rukkayat through a WhatsApp Investment group where she was on a zoom call talking about investments. Listen to her I knew I needed guidance. When I finally reached out to her, the process of coming up with the IPS made me realize there is more to create sustainable income. Is not just dumping money here and there. She was able to show me that yes I have been investing but loop loop side my portfolio was. Finally we were able to workout a strategy taking into cognizance my risk tolerance as well as my overall objectives. I look back and ask myself why I took such a longtime before reaching out to her. Thinking I could do it alone was my worse mistake.

Huseina Modibbo

My interest in financial literacy began a couple of years ago and since then, I have always sought to quench that thirst. Coming into contact with PaceUp and Rukayyat has helped (and still helping) me to understand the importance of a “good relationship” with money, one not based on fear and anxiety, but on knowledge and informed decisions. I have also come to understand the different avenues available for all kinds of investments. I look forward to increasing my knowledge in this field.

Edem Beddy

Rukayyat is thorough and highly knowledgeable. She listens to fully understand one's needs and explains what options there are to adequately meet these requirements. Her professional and ethical stance makes me fully confident in her handling my financial plans. I highly recommend her/PaceUP Invest for anyone looking to achieve better financial outcomes.

Abisola Kazeem

I've been thinking about my retirement and how to secure my financial well-being in the future for a while. But Rukayyat's post about inflation convinced me to act now. So we've defined the goals, set up a portfolio and it is now managed by Rukayyat. It suits my current situation during the parental leave. I feel confident the portfolio is solid and follows a well-defined strategy. In case of stress and unforeseen market movements, protective instruments are added. The following quote can also be adopted to investments and so true in current times: The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

Sabina Grimm

Working with Rukayyat at PaceUP Invest has boosted my confidence, firstly through the reassurance, she provided me that it is not too late to try and work on building financial security. She has also provided me with coaching beyond ‘how to invest’ but how to approach different decisions that will affect my financial future. She developed diversified asset allocation suitable for my investment time horizon taking into account my risk objectives and constraints.

Salewa Akimolafe

Rukayyat is knowledgeable and balanced, taking into consideration all aspects of your financial situation. She is able to provide warm and calm guidance in your wealth management journey.

Raluca Rusu

Rukayyat helped me to lift the felt pressure on dealing with my own investments. I feel much more at ease investing and feel much more in control of my own wealth building. I will be for sure in regular touch.

Simone Schmidt

I had been feeling frustrated about my current financial status but was not aware of what I needed for change to occur. I contacted Rukayyat not sure how and if she could help. Within weeks of our first coaching session, I was able to open an investment account. I am currently working on creating a blog because she inspired me to think and create outside of the mental box I had somehow imprisoned myself. She is honest and keeps you focused on building and growing wealth.

Amaka Ossai

I became a client of PaceUp Invest in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. I work in finance but have kept my head buried in the sand about my personal finances for many years. I was taught to work hard, save and buy a home. Have a nest egg for emergencies, pay off all your debt and save for retirement. I didn't know anything about the stock market or preparing for death. Rukayyat was super patient with me, she explained everything in plain language and helped me piece together a plan for my future. I was able to get organized, put my money to work, and start feeling much more confident about my finances. I am very happy I made the decision to get financial advice from a Company that understands women and takes the many changes that occur in life into account.

Banke Adeyemo


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