Financial Wellbeing for You and Your Employees

Create a sound financial future for your employees with PACEUPinvest® that
gives them tools to manage their finances

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One of the greatest challenges faced by companies is building businesses and personal financial resilience.
PACEUPinvest provides is an innovative, interactive learning and investing platform designed to prepare entrepreneurs and employees to take control of their finances. Our tools provide vital education and support in financial planning and management, investing, coaching- we support you on all your financial journey.

We also support founders and employees during investment exits by providing comprehensive financial education and planning services. We believe that it is crucial to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions regarding the money they receive.
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PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey


of employees are stressed about their finances.

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work


billion euros are lost to stress each year, especially financial stress.

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We are Here to Help

The signs are there: reduced productivity, missed deadlines, increased absenteeism and sick days, tension and rifts; and the culprit is obvious - financial worries.

Yet, very few companies have tried to deal with the root of the problem. Most are comfortable throwing more money at it, but the only lasting solution is what you guessed all along: financial education.

Our Approach to Financial Education

PaceUP Invest provides tailored financial education/literacy solutions that integrate communal and individual programs to help each staff build financial resilience and accumulate wealth with or without a raise.

Our self-paced eLearning and on-site packages will empower your staff to take control of their finances by giving them the skills to be proficient at budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning and estate planning.

We also offer special packages for women to help close the gender pension gap and the gender investing gap.

We are able to
deliver measurable
results by targeting three major areas

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Budgeting & Debt Management

We help your staff establish a routine that will see them systematically keep their spending in check and lower their debt ratio over time.

Savings & Investments

From building an emergency fund to investing in the stock market, we cover everything that will enable your staff build sustainable wealth.

Retirement & Estate Planning

We incorporate your firm's pension strategy into this comprehensive approach to empower all of your staff retire comfortably and help the family remain financially buoyant in the case of untimely death.



Financial Workshops


Everyone in your organisation is
encouraged to participate.


The workshop can run for 90 minutes,
several days or every year for
continuous development.


By training every member of your
organisation, there will be increased
accountability and goal achievements.


Financial Coaching


One on one


Each person will be allocated to
a coach that wll focus on their
particular needs.


Everybody's financial situation is unique,
so one-on-one coaching will bring out the
best in each employee.


Financial Coaching (Groups)


2-10 individuals at a time


We will group staff based on goals and
attainment level and coach them over
a minimum of 3 days.


This is a deeper dive than the workshops,
thus leading to quicker and longer
lasting results.

Our financial education methodology
is structured to deliver consistent,
measurable results

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Backwards Planning

Ensure that the workshops support the employees to progress toward pre-defined outcomes.

Active Learning Techniques

Include visual, social, self-regulated, and project-based learning.

Audience Adaptation

PaceUP Invest will adjust activities to support learners at different levels.

Motivation & Reasons

PaceUP Invest will help your staff determine their personal reasons and motivations for adopting positive financial behaviours.

Ongoing Education

PaceUP Invest will try to include long-term follow-up and support to encourage permanent change is needed.


Include activities so students act on what they learned and practice completing real-world tasks.

Some of the Topics We Cover

  • Budgeting: personal budgeting, savings, and expenses
  • How behaviour affects the way we invest and stay invested
  • Relationship with Money: Money scripts and how to deal with them
  • Building financial resiliency
  • Investing: purpose, planning, and choosing your investments
  • Pension and retirement planning
  • Understanding risk and diversification
  • Developing investment policy statement
  • Estate planning and intergenerational wealth
  • ESG investing

Value Add for Your Organisation

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Employees feel less stress and more in control of their money which ultimately increases their confidence and improves mental wellness.

These translate into employee satisfaction which is important for your organisation to succeed.

Your company will be tackling the S part of ESG via employee training, fairer pay structures and inclusivity.

Show that through this investment in the form of financial workshops for your employees that you are about what is most important to them.