Take a look at our board members.

Martha Mghendi-Fisher

Martha is a thought leader, a social entrepreneur, diversity & inclusion advocate, child protection advocate and a philanthropist. She holds years of experience in the financial industry, NGOs and social entrepreneurship. As an immigrant from Kenya, Martha has worked her way to become a respectable, trustworthy and thought leader. She is a highly sought-after and inspirational speaker, with a talent to connect to her audience from different demographics, industries and backgrounds by being her authentic self. A natural born leader and community leader, she has founded many initiatives that are committed to championing and supporting women, marginalised communities and children. She will be providing strategic advice on business development.

Erick Yong

He is the CEO and Co-founder of GreenTec Capital Partners, Germany's premier investor into African start-ups. He has Cameroonian roots, although he was born in Bonn, Germany and attended university in France. Erick became an entrepreneur and strategic consultant immediately after his studies, where he further developed his strategic thinking skills and comprehensive track record of launching and scaling up new business concepts. He is a specialist in international marketing strategies, implementing brand strategies, marketing plans and communication campaigns. He has also directed innovation efforts and managed international teams in executing company strategies with global vision. He will be providing strategic advice on fundraising and scaling of business.