The Right Investment Advisory Partner for Individual Investors

“Successful investing is about manageing risk, not avoiding it.” - Benjamin Graham

Let us help you navigate that.

Institutional knowledge, independent advisory services, and a proven track record of delivering superior results to our clients


Understanding WHY they are investing

Your goals, how much you want to invest. By knowing your why about what you're investing for, you're putting yourself in the driver's seat and setting yourself up to be more confident about your financial future

Carefully choosing WHAT they are investing in

Your social impact. Every currency you invest in supports something. You need to understand what you are investing in and what impact it has. For example, you can invest based on ESG- Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria. It is important to know who and what your investments are supporting. We help you to make the right decisions.

Being cognizant about WHO they are investing with

Your financial advisor. Work with us- we have your best interest at heart, we are independent and we have fiduciary responsibilities.


Make your own investment decisions

If so, you know how crucial it is to keep your emotions in check. You can use an investment advisory service. This will help you to avoid impulsive decision-making in downturns or in times of growth. We are independent and have fiduciary responsibilities- meaning we look after your best interest.

Book an initial free 20minutes consultation to get a clear picture of your financial situation and the things that matter to you.

During this meeting, we will get a clear picture of your financial situation and the things that matter to you. We will then use this information to determine whether we are best fit to work together on your journey. Additional consultations will be required to recommend an investment strategy that's right for you.

Once your portfolio is up and running, we can still continue to advise you if you want. The final decisions are yours.

make decision


Managed investment portfolio

Taking emotions out of investing
Investing professionally is a full-time job. And sometimes, emotions can get in the way. If you don't have the time or inclination to manage your own portfolio, you can choose to seek out our experts that will help you manage these.

We will navigate complex markets professionally on your behalf. You can relax and concentrate on other important matters.

Book an initial free 20minutes consultation to get a clear picture of your financial situation and the things that matter to you.

During this meeting, we will get a clear picture of your financial situation and the things that matter to you. We will then use this information to determine whether we are best fit to work together on your journey. Additional consultations will be required to recommend an investment strategy that's right for you.
Once you're happy with our recommendations, we will structure your investments around them. From creating your investment strategy to monitoring the markets, we keep your portfolio in line

manage portfolio

Sustainable Investing

We all know a better world for future generations is everyone's responsibility. We at PaceUP Invest adhere to 4 out of 17 UN sustainable goals. We help you to adhere to goals hat matter to you most.

We ask the questions:
What is in your current portfolio or what do you want to invest in? What do you care about? Do you want to wipe out pollution? Combat climate change? Help educate children? Invest in companies that care about women? We'll help you get started.
Most companies say they take sustainable investing serious but only very few act. We help you sieve out funds that actually invest according to your values. All you have to do is decide if you want to:


Exclude companies with different values than yours


Integrate companies that reflect your values


Select investments that make an impact you can see

We will help you achieve these.

Arrange an initial consultation

Complete your Suitability, Risk Capacity, Risk tolerance, Knowledge and Experience, behavioural insights and ESG assessments on your dashboard (paid subscribers), can only download as a coaching or financial planning client.

Suitability Compass

is a complete suitability solution which establishes your risk profile and matches this to suitable investment solutions. It includes a financial personality assessment which measures your risk tolerance and other behavioural traits, a financial fact find which is used to provide a quantitative assessment of your risk capacity and a knowledge and experience assessment.

Risk Tolerance

Risk Tolerance reflects your long-term, stable, and reasonable preferences to trade off risk and return. The risk tolerance assessment is based on psychometric principles, and has been extensively validated by empirical research of our partner

Risk Capacity

The risk capacity tool determines your risk capacity based upon a number of factual data points including your goals, income and expenditure and assets and liabilities.

Knowledge and Experience

This will establish whether you have sufficient knowledge and experience to understand the financial products and services for your overall profile.

Behavioural Insights

Risk tolerance is about your willingness to accept risk while hoping for good investment returns, but multiple other behavioural aspects contribute to your emotional comfort along the investment journey.

Financial Coaching

Everyone should achieve financial success. Fear often prevents us from this. Financial coaching with us will propel you where you want to go to start building a healthy relationship with your finances. Get the right kind of support and guidance to make it a reality. Access coaching in a safe environment to build confidence and gain control of your financial destiny. We move you from coaching to investing comfortably after attaining clarity.

With financial coaching, we work with you to ensure long-term behavioural change and transfer of knowledge to acting.
It doesn't matter how good a plan is if the person it's written for doesn't stick to it, or feels sick doing so. Emotional ability is not about financial circumstances, but financial personality- behavioural drivers that lead to individual goal setting, asset allocation, and risk-taking decisions. We assess you towards your investment strategy thus helping to manage your expectations and behaviour.

How does it work?

Pick A Session

Book a Financial Coaching appointment or a quick introductory chat.

Meet Your Coach

Develop your personal goals and explore the ways of achieving these together with one of our brilliant financial coaches who cares about financial access for all for you.

Get Your Plan

Leave each session with a realistic and actionable plan to get started on your financial journey.

  • Book a coffee chat with Rukayyat to understand your needs and determine good fit to work together.
  • You will receive preparatory documents for your cashflow analysis, suitability, financial personality and ESG scales questionnaires.
  • After a thorough review of all pertinent provided data and objectives and mutually agreed upon assumptions, we will analyse your financial situation including, but not limited to: net worth (assets and liabilities), cash flow strategies (current and projected, retirement planning), specific financial needs as determined by you, and tax and estate planning considerations.
  • Upon completion of the analysis, the Advisor/coach will make recommendations including suggested strategies to achieve your stated objectives
  • We will help you execute your plan and get you started on your journey.



15-20 mins initial consultation to determine your needs

Book Now

€399 plus VAT per 90mins

In-depth discussion on the preparatory documents and clarifying any outstanding issues Individual results given as next steps agreed.
Depends on the complexity of the situation: more coaching may be required. We will advise accordingly. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended for proper understanding and action.

*PaceUP Invest members get discounts per hour according to their membership plans.

Meet Your Financial Coach and Advisor

Rukayyat Kolawole, CFA, MBA, MSc CEO of PaceUP Invest

After 15 years of experience in investment banking, investment management and capital markets, Rukayyat understands exactly how money can add value and can be used to create value. Investing to her should not be boring! She makes this vibrant for all her clients to face the beast and have a good time with money, and investing.
She represents what the investment industry does not generally represent: female, black, financial expert with a CFA, MSc and MBA. She is making impact with so many people and helping them on their investment journey as a black person, as a woman, as a migrant, and as someone from underrepresented community, to create opportunities for other marginalised and underrepresented people to build and access wealth.
Rukayyat is a certified independent financial advisor and broker and holds license according to §34f GewO