Proven Strategies for Individual Investors Growth

Financial literacy and Investing should be available to all. It is time we create an easiness around money and having a good time. Wealth is what happens when you have no worries about your money and have freedom.
PACEUPinvest® provides you with the tools to have a healthy financial relationship and celebrate your wins along the way. Start wherever you are, we are here to help you.

Financial Planning

Looking for Comprehensive, Holistic Financial Planning? We have you covered.

After a thorough review of all your relevant data provided and objectives and mutually agreed-upon assumptions, the independent Advisor will analyse your financial situation including, but not limited to: networth, (assets and liabilities), corporate benefits, cash flow strategies (current and projected), retirement planning, risk management, investment portfolio, insurance needs, tax and estate planning considerations, and specific financial needs as determined by you.

Upon completion of the analysis, the independent Advisor will make recommendations including suggested objectives. The Advisor will provide you with a written report of all analysis and recommendations. The independent advisor, who is bound by fiduciary responsibilities, will create an Investment Policy Statement. Cash flow modelling analysis, Suitability, Risk Capacity, Risk Tolerance, Knowledge and Experience, behavioural insights, and ESG assessments will be carried out to ensure a personalized investment portfolio creation of asset classes across geographies for proper portfolio diversification.
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Knowledge is Power! Access quick tips, workshops, courses, masterclasses and guides to learn at your own pace, or with others created by our team of financial planners, financial advisors and coaches.

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Invest according to your lifestyle, values and needs.
It is all about YOU! We will help you understand risk in developing your personalised portfolio. Access personalised coaching or financial advisory. Access group coaching.

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Our community brings you all together so that you can share, support, and build knowledge and the necessary confidence in a safe place, to ultimately be more involved with your finances.

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